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New blue plaque unveiled in Thatcham

The Heritage Working Party, part of Thatcham Town Council, unveiled their sixth blue plaque earlier in October. This blue plaque marks the approximate entrance to the Dunston Estate.

Published: October 30, 2023

A Blue Plaque that was unveiled in Thatcham in October 2023.

Dunston House Blue Plaque

Each year, since 2018, the Heritage Working Party unveil a new Blue Plaque. 2023’s blue plaque was unveiled in October 2023 at the vehicular entrance to London Road Cemetery. The plaque recognises the former entrance to what was Dunston House, Thatcham’s 18th Century Manor House, that was demolished in 1801.

Dunston House was Thatcham’s only Manor House and home to the Waring family and the Croft family who were the first resident Lords of the Manor since Saxon times. The house was a grand structure with a garden that would easily encompass the village/town at the time. The avenue from the main road (A4) to the front door was in excess of 800m.

The estate was put up for sale by auction in 1798. The estate did not sell and was pulled down, parts being sold off as building materials much of which can be seen in buildings around Thatcham today, such as parts of the United Reformed Church.

To learn more about the history of Dunston House please visit Dr Nick Young’s Blog on Dunston House.


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