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Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


How do I get a stall/pitch at a Thatcham Town Council Event? 

We have stallholders at most of our events and are always looking for new and exciting business, charities and food and drink vendors to work with. We are particularly interested in sustainable, eco-friendly businesses.  

 If you are interested in being added to our database to be contacted about future events please contact  

You can view more information here:  

You can apply for open events here:  

Do you accept cash or card at your events? 

Most of our stallholders only accept cash (although some will have card machines) so bring plenty of cash with you. Thatcham Festival events are always card only. Donations to the Mayor’s Charities can be made by both cash and card. 

How do I purchase tickets for events if I don’t have an email address or access to a computer?

You can pop into the Town Council office Monday- Friday 9am – 2pm and we will help you. 

How environmentally sustainable are your events? 

We are working really hard to make all our events really sustainable, but want to do so with long-term benefits in mind. 

 All our events are plastic-free. We strongly encourage external traders to be plastic free as well, and from 2025 all plastic will be banned from the site 

We only use recycled (and recyclable) materials in our marketing and printed materials, and focus on online means of making people aware of our events.



Can my relative be interred into London Road Cemetery if they didn’t live in Thatcham?

You may inter your relatives into London Road Cemetery, however triple fees will be applied to non-residents.

Do I need to use a Funeral Director to inter Ashes into London Road Cemetery? 

No. You can arrange this yourself by contacting Thatcham Town Council on 01635 863592. More information can be found on our website: London Road Cemetery – Thatcham Town Council 

Can I install a bench at London Road Cemetery? 

It is no longer possible to install a bench dedicated solely to your loved one, however Thatcham Town Council have benches around the Cemetery which you are welcome to add a plaque to. Please complete the Memorial Plaque Application form here: London Road Cemetery – Thatcham Town Council. You may also have a plaque installed on the wall inside the Chapel. Please use the link above to complete the Chapel Plaque Application form.

Can I hire the Chapel for a function? 

The Chapel is available to hire for private memorial services.  

Can I plant a tree in memory of a loved one at London Road Cemetery? 

A memorial planting area can be found in the newest section of the Cemetery, near to the ashes plots. If you would like to apply to plant a tree in this area, please complete the Memorial Tree Application form here: London Road Cemetery – Thatcham Town Council.  


How do I apply for an Allotment plot at Henleys Allotments? 

Applications are open to Thatcham residents. For information on how to apply and current rates please visit: Henleys Allotments – Thatcham Town Council 

Are there any concessionary rates applied to annual plot charges?

Yes, if you are in receipt of benefits or a pension concessionary rate will be applied, please inform us if this applies to you when applying for a plot. 


What availability do you have?

Please refer to our Hallmaster online booking system or call or email to check availability. 


How is the Parish Council Funded? 

The funding for parish councils is allocated by the district council and is taken from the area’s council tax; this is called an annual precept. The income and expenditure for the next financial year are calculated in the form of estimates and this amount is added to the local council tax and then returned to the parishes in two yearly instalments.  

Funds can also be raised from income on the rental of council property (e.g. the allotments) and from grants. 

What is the precept spent on? 

The precept is used to fund the administration of the council and provide local services and facilities.  

Details of the Parish Council’s Financial Documents can be found here (link) where a breakdown of all spending can be seen as part of the Transparency Code. 

Community grants – Can I apply for funding? 

Thatcham Parish Council will consider applications for grants from non-profitmaking voluntary organisations, charitable bodies or other bodies (but not individuals) providing a public service other than for gain, which will directly benefit the parish of Thatcham and its residents.


How do I invite the Mayor to my event? 

Please email and, diary allowing, the Mayor or Deputy Mayor will attend. 


What administration services do you provide? 

We can photocopy both black and white, and colour, single or double sided, A4 or A3. There is a minimum charge of £1.  Print prices per sheet: Black and White – 10p (A4), 30p (A3), Full Colour – 50p (A4) and £1 (A3). Scans to email are free of charge.  

When are the public waste bins/dog waste bins emptied? 

Waste bins are emptied as follows: 

Daily at Broadway Green and Dunstan Green open space 

Three times per week (Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu/Sat) at Burdwood Community Centre, Crowfield Drive play park, Dunston Park open space, Kennet Heath open space, Lamb Close play park, The Moors open space, Moorside open space, Mount Road play park, Pound Lane open space, Siegecross open space, and Turnfields open space 

Once per week at Brownsfield Road Jubilee Garden and London Road cemetery 

Dog waste bins are emptied as follows: 

Three times per week at Dunstan Green open space, Kennet Heath open space, The Moors open space, Moorside open space, Pound Lane open space, Siegecross open space, and Turnfields open space 

Weekly at Henleys allotments, Broadway Green, Burdwood Community Centre, Crookham Common, Dunston Park open space, and Lawrences Lane 

NB: Thatcham Town Council dog waste bins are red. West Berkshire Council dog waste bins are green.


If you have any other questions please call us on 01635 863592 or email

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